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    Bridging the Gap Between Sunday and Monday

    “Business people are too busy to be holy,” says Jane Kong. “Too busy to pray. Too busy for sparing time for reading the Bible.” While she could be describing the spiritual climate in just about any major metropolitan city, she’s talking about Hong Kong, where the focus on individualism, materialism and competition often leave little […]

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    ‘I’ve eaten the cow, but I’m struggling to finish the tail’ – Langham Scholars meet in Africa

    The first ever Langham Scholars in Africa Consultation was held in Nairobi in December 2013: four days of prayer, fellowship, teaching and encouragement. It was challenging, often moving to hear of the circumstances in which these scholars work. They spoke of children missing their parents, pressures from seminary, church, relatives – all of which have […]

  • George_Atido

    Scholar Spotlight: Meet George Atido

    “Initially, I wanted to study suffering.” When George Atido felt the call into ministry, he thought he’d go on to study suffering. It’s not hard to imagine why. The town he calls home, Bunia, was at the center of much of the conflict in the Congo during the late 90s.  Today, Bunia is predominantly Christian—although […]

  • Copies of the Burmese Dictionary of Theological Terms

    Words To Build Bridges With

    Publishing for unity in Burma How do you start bridging the deep divisions that issue from decades of civil wars? This is the challenge in Burma. Ethnically the nation consists of 142 people groups, with 116 different languages. Transition to a new government in 2011 has led to a measure of peace after more than […]

  • Good News Comes To Unreached Tribes

    In 1975, Langham-trained pastor Peter Marigu Karangu was deeply entrenched in witchcraft when a preacher came to his obscure village in Kenya proclaiming the Gospel. On that day, he was set free. Peter has since made it his life mission to bring the transforming love of Jesus to the unreached tribes in northern Kenya. “We […]

  • Catherine-Kwong

    On the inside, there are lots of stories

    “It looks good on the outside. But on the inside, there are lots of stories. There are many people suffering.” That’s how Catherine Kwong describes the public housing complexes where the Urban Peacemaker Evangelical Fellowship serves. They may be freshly painted externally, but they often house some of Hong Kong’s poorest of the poor, compressing as […]

  • Lent 2014: The Voices of Langham

    Langham Partnership is celebrating Lent with a collection of sermons–voices of Langham scholars, staff, and facilitators from all over the world. Check back here weekly to see links to new sermons from Rene Padilla, Jonathan Lamb, Greg Scharf, Femi Adeleye, Chris Wright, and John Stott. All these sermons can be downloaded from the All Souls Langham […]

    March 10th, 2014 //
  • Dr.Habtu

    A Lasting Legacy of Sound Biblical Teaching

    Tewoldemedhin Habtu says he first felt God calling him into full-time ministry in the 1970s, just as he was wrapping up his university studies in business administration.  “God was rewriting my life into full time ministry, and I had to follow in His leading,” he simply says. He went on to pastor a church in […]

  • The Myambo Family

    Langham Scholar Timothy Myambo 1967–2013

    ‘Langham does not only provide scholarship but also moral and spiritual support’ With sadness Langham learnt in early 2013 that Timothy Myambo, a Langham scholar at the George Whitfield College (GWC) near Cape Town, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His wife, Violet, says: I never thought such a thing could happen … I thought they […]

  • Lloyd Murithi is growing in Christlikeness as he grows in his knowledge of the Word with Langham Partnership.

    A Passion for Preaching in Mlolongo, Africa

    “We are not after anything except the Word of God.” Around the world this month, from the small villages in rural Africa to the bustling cities of Colombia and beyond, Langham will be providing Biblical training and mentoring to pastors in 18 countries. For some of these pastors, this will be the first formal training […]

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