About our founder John Stott

John Stott, well known throughout the world for his writings and godly influence in the global church, founded Langham Partnership in response to the growing needs he heard from churches and pastors in the Majority World. Stott, who passed away on July 27, 2011, leaves behind a legacy that continues to expand through the power of God’s Word carried by scholars and pastors equipped by Langham to preach the transforming truths of the Bible.

John Stott, founder of John Stott Ministries, Langham Preaching, Literature, and Scholars“As a typical adolescent, I was aware of two things about myself, though doubtless I could not have articulated them in these terms then. First, if there was a God, I was estranged from him. I tried to find him, but he seemed to be enveloped in a fog I could not penetrate. Secondly, I was defeated. I knew the kind of person I was, and also the kind of person I longed to be. Between the ideal and the reality there was a great gulf fixed. I had high ideals but a weak will. . . . [W]hat brought me to Christ was this sense of defeat and of estrangement, and the astonishing news that the historic Christ offered to meet the very needs of which I was conscious.”


 His life and passion

John Stott was born in London in 1921 to Sir Arnold and Lady Stott. He was educated at Rugby School, where he became head boy, and Trinity College Cambridge. At Trinity he earned a double first in French and theology, and was elected a senior scholar.

John Stott trained for the pastorate at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. He was awarded a Lambeth doctorate in divinity (DD) in 1983 and has honorary doctorates from universities in America, Britain, and Canada.

He was listed in Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” (April, 2005) and was named in the Queen’s New Years Honours list as Commander of the British Empire (CBE) on December 31, 2005.  To learn more, read John Stott’s biography.

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