A place of hope and refuge in Cambe, Brazil

27 August 2013 |

A photo story illustrating the multiplicative impact of Langham Scholars

A Barro founded South American Theological Seminary (SATS) in Londrina, Brazil, in 1994. Barro conceived the idea for the seminary while studying for his Ph.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary as a Langham Scholar. During its nearly 20-year history, SATS has equipped more than 600 graduates to serve as pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders throughout Latin America. To the right, Barro is pictured outside of Londrina, Brazil, where he is raising up the next generation of Bible teachers.

2Marcio (also known as Coyote) enrolled at SATS because he has a heart to address the tough issues facing Brazilian society. Unlike the typical SATS student, Marcio was a tough character and showed up sporting a pretty radical look for a seminarian. “He came with tattoos, piercings and a ponytail,” notes Dr. Barro. Yet his appearance was no barrier to Marcio earning a Bachelors, Masters and PhD in Theology. Marcio believes a strong theology and understanding of the Bible is relevant to every problem of every individual in every community. To the left, Barro and Marcio take “theology to the streets.” 


In 2000, Marcio founded Refúgio in Cambé, Brazil, near Londrina. What started with street evangelism and meetings in the garage of his parents’ house has grown into an outreach ministry for the downtrodden and outcasts of Brazilian society, including prostitutes, homeless people, drug addicts and at-risk children. Now operating from its own building and using a range of innovative strategies, Refúgio focuses on chemical dependency prevention and recovery programs for children and adolescents. To the right, Marcio stands outside of Refúgio, which is place for the lost to find refuge in the Lord.

Marcio and his church, Refúgio, is just one example of how God is using your support of Langham’s global ministries to transform real lives throughout the majority world. By equipping hundreds of scholars like Dr. Barro, who then multiply their ministries by training thousands of leaders like Marcio, Langham is impacting hundreds of thousands of lives through the preaching, teaching and application of God’s Word.

Pray: Give thanks for how God multiplies ministry through Langham Scholar Antonio Barro. Pray for the Pray hundreds of students, like Marcio, he will teach and mentor in the years to come. Also, pray for Marcio and for the hopeless and downtrodden people in Cambé, Brazil – that they would find refuge in the Lord at Refúgio Church.