They Are Becoming Like Jesus

Because of your prayers and support of Langham’s June focus, Becoming like Jesus, God’s Word is taking root in people’s hearts and lives. And from rural village churches to city centers, His people are transforming more into the image of His Son–serving their neighbors, seeking forgiveness, and above all–loving Jesus with their hearts, through their words and in their actions.  

Be encouraged by these snapshots below–a faithful reminder that God is at work transforming the church so that the church can transform the world. 

“I want to meet the needs of people.”

“I knew I needed Jesus to be my personal savior,” Joseph says, thinking back 7 years to when he first accepted Christ in his small village in northwest Myanmar. Today, he is a second year student at a small Bible school led by a local Christian pastor and publisher just outside of Yangon. But biblical study is impossible without biblical books–which are scarce in Myanmar. So Langham has come alongside this publisher to help develop biblical books in the local language. They are used in churches and schools across the country, and by students like Joseph. He says, “I am really happy to have these publications because I can easily understand them; they are published in Burmese. It is a good thing for me to build my faith and grow my walk with God.” Joseph, transformed by God’s Word, is being prepared help transform others as a pastor. “In the church here there are a variety of needs. If I can become a pastor, I can help people. That is the way I want to meet the needs of the people.”

Make a gift to Becoming like Jesus that develops and distributes biblical books, putting them on seminary library shelves and into the hands of future leaders like Joseph. 

“What I received I began to share gradually.”

In Ghana, Langham-trained pastor Emmanuel (pictured right) says, “Our vision is to see people become more like Jesus, impact their society and spur ripples of transformation wherever they go. It’s been slow, but I think we’re making tremendous inroads.” Evidence of this can be found in the life of congregation member Nicolas (pictured left), who says attending pastor Emmanuel’s church has been “life changing.” Nicolas says, “It really hit me that I have sinned and I needed Jesus Christ to be my Lord and personal savior.” Before long, his personal relationship with Jesus began to impact others. “I should say about 80% of my family members are saved because what I received I began to share gradually. Some have given their lives to Christ, some visit the church but have yet to commit to Christ. I see God using this church to build lives and change lives.” 

Make a gift to Becoming like Jesus that will train 1,200 pastors across 15 countries in just the next few weeks–enabling God’s Word to flow from pastors like Emmanuel into congregation members like Nicolas–and out into the community. 

Your gift helps them become like Jesus

If you haven’t yet had the chance, would you prayerfully consider a gift by June 30, 2017, that multiplies the biblical leaders and resources that shepherd believers around the world? 

Your generosity will help:

  • launch locally written and published biblical commentaries and deliver thousands of books to seminary libraries,
  • continue the PhD studies of 68 leaders-in-training who are being equipped to return home as servant leaders in their nations, and
  • train 1,200 pastors and lay leaders to study and faithfully teach God’s Word, helping congregations become more like Jesus. 

*Some names have been changed to protect those who are living and serving in sensitive regions.