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80% of pastors have no biblical training

61% of the world’s Christians live in the global south, yet 8 out of 10 pastors have little or no biblical training. Combined with the explosive growth (in numbers) of the church around the world, there are tens of millions of believers struggling to understand what the Bible says about their everyday lives. Pastors, called by God and passionate to shepherd their churches, have very little resources to prepare them to teach God’s Word and help believers overcome the very complex and challenging issues they face everyday.


Eager to learn and grow and share their faith

New believers in places like India, Burundi, Bolivia and the global south do not have the resources we do. Very few, if any, have biblical books. Many are illiterate, and if they can read, often do not have a Bible. The only time they can hear from God’s Word is from their pastor on Sundays. How can they grow in understanding and obedience if their pastor is not equipped to bring life-giving solutions from the Word of God?

THE RESULT: A Church in Crisis

Pastors not equipped to shepherd new believers to grow in Christ and
new believers mired in harmful beliefs and practices.


Best for the Least Fall Pastor Training

In the next 31 days, from October 22 – November 21, 2014, across 12 countries like Burundi, Indonesia, Liberia and South Sudan, more than 1,000 pastors are gathering to learn how to preach the Scriptures and bring hope to the people in their churches. What they learn will make a difference for generations to come, often impacting and transforming entire villages.

Send a Pastor to Training


The Training Continues

Pastors return to their villages and receive ongoing mentoring in preaching groups with local pastors and leaders,
helping them apply what they have learned and continue to grow in their understanding of the Scriptures.

Our goal is to equip these 1,000 pastors in the next few weeks.
These pastors and their churches have sacrificially paid up to half of their costs of their training.
We need your help to match their gifts and send these pastors to training.


“This teaching has revolutionized my preaching. I cannot go back to my former way of preaching; I now preach right out of the Bible. This training is very important for my ministry and for my country”

Pastor Tété Tété, who recently received training in Lomé, Togo.

“I am amazed that the Holy Spirit prompts the preacher to address such current problems and is using examples of everyday life in this community.”

Josephine Hduki, northern Kenya, commenting on her pastor, who received Langham Preaching training.

“I was preaching, but I did not know what I was doing.”  

Pastor Thomas, from Kenya, reflecting on his preaching before he received training from Langham.


Thank you for your prayerful consideration – we give thanks to God for your partnership.