A book in our language, Christ in our culture

“Give us Christ in our culture!” This is the cry of so many of our brothers and sisters in the majority world church, where hundreds of thousands of new believers are coming to Christ each day, yet pastors and leaders lack the biblical books and study materials written in their language, and from their culture, to grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

That’s why our work along side the global church over the next 30 days is critical.

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Your Gift Delivers Relevant, Biblical Books Where They Are Needed Most

Your gift by June 30, 2015 advances work on three biblical commentaries, as well as other much-needed books and digital resources, to open God’s Word to new believers across Latin America, South Asia and Africa. For the first time, believers in these regions will have access to solid biblical books written by indigenous scholars who can address the relevant issues they face each day in light of the Gospel. In the right language, from the right culture, with contextually relevant examples.

The Latin Contemporary Bible Commentary in Portuguese

The South Asia Bible Commentary in Hindi

The Africa Bible Commentary in Hausa

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The Need: $65,000Your Gift: Brings the light of God’s Word to help believers biblically address local issues such as domestic violence, civil unrest and poverty in a region where preaching is often story based and the prosperity gospel is rampant. The Need: $70,000Your Gift: Brings hope to more than 250 million Hindi speakers across India, equipping their pastors and leaders to grow in God’s Word and new believers to understand what God’s Word has to say about the caste system and violence against women, among other issues. The Need: $110,000Your Gift: Develops the Hausa translation of the Africa Bible Commentary, and provides hundreds of bible colleges and seminaries access to a digital library of books, equipping leaders in a region where the Gospel is often mixed with harmful and unbiblical local beliefs.

Books Can Transform Culture

These are more than just books. In God’s hands, they are instruments that can be used to help mature the church so that the church, equipped for mission and ministry, can impact the world.

Click to learn more about how biblical books and commentaries are helping pastors, leaders and students to understand how God’s Word speaks into their contexts—equipping them to impact congregations, campuses and entire communities where they serve.