Believers across Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are hungry for God’s Word. Your gift today, matched by generous donors, is tripled to equip pastors with the training and resources they need to help believers grow in Christ.  



Bringing God’s Word to Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka & Pakistan

Today, church growth is exploding across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. In countries like Myanmar, Pakistan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, believers are living through daily traumas like church bombings, ethnic conflicts, and charges of blasphemy. In the midst of this, believers struggle to encounter God in the midst and grow in their faith. This is why Langham is partnering with Bott Radio listeners–to equip pastors and leaders to effectively shepherd God’s people with God’s Word so His people can find truth, grace and hope in the Gospel—even in the hard places.

OUR GOAL: Train 400 Pastors / Deliver 1,000 Pastors’ Book Packs

Preaching7-copy$80 trains one pastor to teach God’s Word.

$25 delivers a pastor’s book pack of up to 7 books, including New Bible Dictionary, Spiritual Leadership and How to Read the Bible.

Every gift is tripled to provide more training, more books, and fund critical translation projects, like the:

  • Urdu translation of the South Asia Bible Commentary–the first ever commentary written by South Asian scholars, to be distributed across Pakistan, and the
  • First-ever Burmese Study Bible in Myanmar–opening God’s Word for pastors, students and all believers.

Your Gift X 3 Delivers God’s Word

So many faithful Bott Radio listeners have partnered with us before to train pastors around the world. This year, by God’s grace, generous donors have stepped forward to double, and now triple, your gift. Will you consider partnering with us again to see your gift tripled, multiplying in impact?

A gift of $80 = $240
A gift of $100 = $300
A gift of $500 = $1,500

Myanmar-Pastor-Training-2The Need: Myanmar

Your gift allows Langham to continue our work training and resourcing pastors with God’s Word in this region where Christians have been living in exile from oppressive government rule. One local pastor, a former Buddhist monk who has been trained by Langham, says “[Our church members] learn to trust in God through sermons . . . Churches need to be grounded in the Word of God to withstand the coming days.”
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Sam_Cambodia2The Need: Cambodia

Your gift helps train pastors like Sam (pictured) who help apply the balm of God’s Word to a region still raw from the systematic murder of its people by the Khmer Rouge. Today, Sam travels around the country to train other groups of pastors—multiplying our investment as he multiplies the impact of God’s Word.
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Pakistan-Pastor-study-group-300x223The Need: Pakistan

Your gift deepens the movement of biblical preaching already taking root in this nation where the Christian community is often marginalized and persecuted, and new believers struggle to grow. Today, hundreds of pastors are showing up for Langham’s training on how to study and share Scripture.
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Sri_Lanka_books2The Need: Sri Lanka

Miraculous, Word-inspired reconciliation is happening as members of two ethnic groups torn apart by civil war join together during Langham’s training seminars and in churches.Your gift equips the pastors and lay leaders who can promote peace and unity in a region split apart by 30 years of civil war. Pastors like Aaron, who has been trained by Langham and runs several preaching schools in the country.
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