Building a Lasting Foundation in Bolivia

30 April 2014 |


Jorge del Castillo was one of the thousands of young people who came to Christ during the early 1970s, when a wave of revival swept through Bolivia. “We had the passion for God; we saw miracles and things, and that was the only thing sustaining us,” he says. “But, the thing that was missing was a good foundation of the Word of God.”

Today, Langham Partnership is working in Bolivia and throughout Latin America to see God’s Word going deep into the hearts and minds of pastors and church leaders by training them to preach from the Bible. Jorge del Castillo is one of those pastors.

“For many years, I used to just preach themes,” says Jorge, who pastors several churches in and around La Paz, Bolivia. “But it’s different to preach from the Bible, just teaching what the Word says. God inspired the Word. We need to get that from the Bible and give it to people.”

Equipping the Equippers

As he preaches through the Bible, Jorge sees a true and lasting transformation taking place in his congregations. It fosters his passion to see Christ proclaimed throughout his country, where there are other, more dangerous voices clamoring to be heard.

“Many people are preaching prosperity or other things that are not the Gospel, or they are preaching a gospel of fear,” he says. “We have to balance that with the Word of God.”

That’s why today, Jorge travels around Bolivia organizing and leading several Langham Preaching Clubs. He is able to shepherd and train others like himself, and in equipping these pastors to share God’s Word, he is taking part in a ministry that truly multiplies.

“I am convinced that the Word of God fills my engine and gives me a reason to teach others that are hungry for God,” he says. “Especially when we go to the little towns where you can really see the need. Sometimes, these pastors have no resources, or no commentaries. But when you begin teaching them how to study the Bible, they get passionate about God.”

Your support bears fruit

Jorge says he is thankful to the many friends and supporters of Langham whose generous gifts and prayers are making a difference in Bolivia.

“I want to tell them that there is fruit. When people study the Word, their lives change, “ he shares. “I am sure they are not the same. The [support], it helps us to get to the little villages, or to bring those pastors into the cities and train them. So, there is a fruit.”

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