About the one-man play, Burgling John Stott 


Burgling John Stott is a fictionalized drama based on real events in the humble and dynamic life of John Stott. Stott was actually “burgled” and also confronted a would-be mugger near his home in London’s West End, close to All Souls Church, Langham Place, where he served for more than 60 years. The one-man play is filled with humor and communicates piercing spiritual truths through an imaginative and touching performance that celebrates Stott’s life and spiritually nourishes audiences. This show can only be scheduled through Langham Partnership – make sure your church does not miss this unique event!



Burgling John Stott is performed by well-known actor Curt Cloninger

burgleme3Curt Cloninger uses his comic and dramatic skills to present stories that move audiences to experience God’s good news in fresh and creative ways. Having performed thousands of times around the world, Cloninger commonly hears from people who tell him his stories are impacting their lives, even years after seeing a performance. In Burgling John Stott, Cloninger performs multiple characters and sheds light on the life of John Stott that not only touched millions of people who read his books, but also deeply impacted pastors and leaders in the majority world as well as many who knew him personally, perhaps even someone attempting to “burgle” him.

“Burgling John Stott is both humorous and deeply moving and a must see for fans of John Stott’s writings and ministry. I highly recommend it for your church. ” (Rev. Dr. Chris Wright)

Why bring burgling John Stott to your church?

burgleme2Through his writings and leadership, Stott has influenced thousands of pastors and leaders.  His voice has been influential in raising the standards of Bible-centric teaching and preaching worldwide. Billy Graham eulogized Stott as “the most respected evangelical clergymanin the world.” From his home base at All Souls Church in London, Stott drafted the landmark Lausanne Covenant wrote 50+ books that have sold millions in more than 70 languages. Few evangelical leaders in the last 100 years have left such an indelible legacy.

Few people also know that Stott irrevocably renounced all of his writing royalties and

speaking honoraria to help pastors and leaders in developing world countries. A man who sold millions of books lived in a modest two room flat he shared above a family’s garage. His humble life and Christ like example are both inspiring and challenging to the modern church.

How you can bring Burgling John Stott to your church.

  1. To receive more information, send us an email at burgleme@langham.org
  2. To answer questions, download our PDF Burgling John Stott FAQ.
  3. Or call us at 408-945-5787.