Your Gift Delivers the Burmese Study Bible

Number of Burmese speakers = 32 million

Number of Burmese study Bibles = 0

Your gift makes their first study Bible possible.




The Need: God’s Word for Burmese Speakers

DSC_0774_myanmar_classImagine wanting to read the Bible, but the only version available is in an unfamiliar, outdated language. You have no additional help whatsoever. Not a single cross-reference in the text. Not a sentence of introduction. Just the biblical text in an old language. Unless you are in a Christian family, or can find someone to explain the text, a deep understanding of the Gospel is almost impossible.

This is the reality for many Christians in Myanmar, where the most widely-used Bible is in an ancient language that many people, and especially many new believers, don’t understand. Until now.

Your gift delivers the Burmese Study Bible

There is a new hope being written in Myanmar. In just over a year’s time, and with your help, Christians there will hold in their hands the new Burmese Study Bible, the first study Bible produced in their language.


Myanmar Pastor Training 2

Myanmar’s next generation of biblical leaders is being trained. Books in their language, like the Burmese Study Bible, are crucial to their understanding of God’s Word. With updated spellings and vocabulary, along with study notes and explanatory “helps,” this critical study tool will be especially helpful for new or young believers with little or no Christian background. And best of all—the project is being published locally by the Christian Literature Crusade in Myanmar. Praise God!

“In Myanmar, transportation and communication are very poor. But books can travel where pastors cannot.”

-Jacob Mung, publisher of the Burmese Study Bible

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