Make-a-Will Month—6 Key Components for Your Plan

18 August 2022 |
Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever create. Here are six critical areas you’ll want to consider as you plan. ...
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Stott, Rwanda, and Biblical Generosity

18 July 2022 |
Five motivations for the church to give generously ...
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Godly Forethought – Lessons from Jesus, John Stott, and the Birds

18 May 2022 |
Four important lessons on Godly Forethought from Jesus, John Stott, and the birds ...
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Four Reasons to Use Your Retirement Fund for Charitable Giving

16 March 2022 |
Learn how your retirement fund could be the best way to give generously and make a Kingdom Impact. ...
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100 in 100 – Will you join John Stott?

24 January 2022 |
Learn how you can join John Stott to support and encourage the global church toward depth and maturity by the Word of God. ...
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Five Benefits of Charitable Planning (+ Free Offer)

8 November 2021 |
Learn about strategic giving options that can bless the global church for years to come. ...
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Life Lessons from One of John Stott’s Final Letters

14 July 2021 |
Words of gratitude, wisdom, and hope from John Stott on the 10th anniversary of his death. ...
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I was shot by a stranger in February. Here’s what I learned.

27 May 2021 |
How a recent “life event” reminded my wife and I why we are including Langham Partnership in our legacy giving plans. ...
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10 Principles of Christian Giving from John Stott

28 April 2021 |
Read John Stott’s 10 principles of Christian giving, learn more about his own generosity, and get a free copy of The Grace of Giving. ...
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Kingdom Purpose: 5 Big Questions for 3 Stages of Life

1 March 2021 |
Five ways we can live with wisdom, purpose, and joyful generosity at each life stage. ...
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