The Heart of Giving

24 April 2023 |
What might it look like to be molded by words of grace and truth in relation to our possessions and our call to be generous? ...
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How your IRA can Strengthen the Global Church—Now and Later

23 February 2023 |
Four reasons why your retirement fund could be the best way to give generously and make an incredible Kingdom Impact. ...
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Estate Planning Awareness Week – 4 Ways We’d Love to Serve You

10 October 2022 |
Estate planning is a way to make one of the most joyful, generous, and strategic gifts while also providing peace of mind and demonstrating care for loved ones. One of the greatest joys of our work is walking with people just like you through the process of making plans that align with their deepest values and passions. ...
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Make-a-Will Month—6 Key Components for Your Plan

18 August 2022 |
Your will is one of the most important documents you will ever create. Here are six critical areas you’ll want to consider as you plan. ...
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Stott, Rwanda, and Biblical Generosity

18 July 2022 |
Five motivations for the church to give generously ...
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Godly Forethought – Lessons from Jesus, John Stott, and the Birds

18 May 2022 |
Four important lessons on Godly Forethought from Jesus, John Stott, and the birds ...
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Four Reasons to Use Your Retirement Fund for Charitable Giving

16 March 2022 |
Learn how your retirement fund could be the best way to give generously and make a Kingdom Impact. ...
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100 in 100 – Will you join John Stott?

24 January 2022 |
Learn how you can join John Stott to support and encourage the global church toward depth and maturity by the Word of God. ...
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Five Benefits of Charitable Planning (+ Free Offer)

8 November 2021 |
Learn about strategic giving options that can bless the global church for years to come. ...
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Life Lessons from One of John Stott’s Final Letters

14 July 2021 |
Words of gratitude, wisdom, and hope from John Stott on the 10th anniversary of his death. ...
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