From Karl Barth to Table Tennis …

21 January 2015 |
Making the most of every opportunity A Langham Scholar in the Premier Division of a sports league in the country ...
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A Theology for Lament

24 October 2014 |
In the Philippines, people are used to dealing with aftermath. Sifting through rubble after a natural disaster. Piecing life together ...
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‘Charged and Transformed on the Anvil of Scripture …’

8 October 2014 |
Towards a Christian ministry filled with present hope for the poorest in Zimbabwe Collium Banda is a Zimbabwean Langham Scholar ...
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Threads of Hope for Nigeria

12 September 2014 |
As Langham Scholar Lami Bakari cares for and shepherds the women in her Nigerian community, she thinks about those who ...
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Faith Comes from Hearing

27 August 2014 |
So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ. –Romans 10:17 ESV Students trained by Langham Scholars ...
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Faith that Crosses Borders

14 August 2014 |
Moisés Arriaga’s passion for teaching pastors in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, took him all the way to South American Theological Seminary. ...
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‘I have more confidence in God and in myself to face what the future holds’

23 July 2014 |
Liz & Cookie meet in the local coffee shop Scholarship with ‘Double Reward’ As the Care Coordinator for Langham Scholars in the UK, Liz McGregor regularly meets with the ...
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Trained to Bring the Gospel to the Workplace

16 July 2014 |
If anyone understands the social, economic, and development needs of Hong Kong, it’s Patrick Nip. “Hong Kong is a city with ...
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The Story of El Ruso: From a Life of Crime to a Life of Christ

4 July 2014 |
Click to watch the music video for “El Ruso” [The Russian] and be inspired by the story that has touched ...
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Streams in the Desert

13 June 2014 |
Streams in the Desert Scholar Spotlight: George Mutuku The dry and dusty landscape of eastern Kenya is home to many ...
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