Bridging the Gap Between Sunday and Monday

15 April 2014 |
“Business people are too busy to be holy,” says Jane Kong. “Too busy to pray. Too busy for sparing time ...
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‘I’ve eaten the cow, but I’m struggling to finish the tail’ – Langham Scholars meet in Africa

10 April 2014 |
The first ever Langham Scholars in Africa Consultation was held in Nairobi in December 2013: four days of prayer, fellowship, ...
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Scholar Spotlight: Meet George Atido

4 April 2014 |
“Initially, I wanted to study suffering.” When George Atido felt the call into ministry, he thought he’d go on to ...
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On the inside, there are lots of stories

14 March 2014 |
“It looks good on the outside. But on the inside, there are lots of stories. There are many people suffering.” That’s ...
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A Lasting Legacy of Sound Biblical Teaching

20 February 2014 |
Tewoldemedhin Habtu says he first felt God calling him into full-time ministry in the 1970s, just as he was wrapping ...
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Langham Scholar Timothy Myambo 1967–2013

18 February 2014 |
The Myambo Family ‘Langham does not only provide scholarship but also moral and spiritual support’ With sadness Langham learnt in early 2013 that ...
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Far East and Near East

4 December 2013 |
The Nestorian Stele 200 Re-drawing a historic link In his hometown of Zahle in Lebanon, the Director of Langham Scholars, Riad Kassis, regularly meets ...
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A Reason for Hope

8 November 2013 |
PHOTO OF THE WEEK: A Reason for Hope As a lay leader at her church, Elizabeth has been receiving training ...
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Voices from the Field

25 October 2013 |
Reverend Andrea Zaki Stephanous, Ph.D., is serving on the front lines in Egypt, in the face of persecution and political ...
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Context and Gospel …a legacy to pass on

18 October 2013 |
The Langham Scholars Asian Langham Scholars contribute ‘Communicating the Gospel Contextually in Contemporary Asia’ was the theme of the Asian Theological Association (ATA) ...
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