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About Langham

                                                OUR VISION—to see churches in the Majority World equipped for mission

                                                and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders
                                                who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

          PHOTO: Building Bridges—When          OUR MISSION—to strengthen the ministry of the Word of God through
          Muslim neighbors reported his church   (1) Nurturing national movements for training in biblical preaching (Langham
          to local authorities, Langham-trained
          pastor D  led his congregation to     Preaching), (2) Multiplying the creation and distribution of evangelical
          respond with love, building bridges   literature (Langham Literature), and (3) Strengthening the theological training
          to build relationships. Today, the    of pastors and leaders by qualified evangelical teachers (Langham Scholars).
          church offers needed services within
          their impoverished community like
          free preschool and medical care.      Get involved: Visit
          It’s one of the few spaces where
          Christians and Muslims connect.
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