P. 5

PHOTO: Ben Homan (far right)
                                                                                      walking with tribal leaders in
                                                                                      northern Afghanistan.

          With your help, we have prioritized Muslim-majority countries that have
          invited Langham to partner with local leaders. We’re training indigenous
          pastors, theological leaders, publishers, and writers that multiply
          disciples and strengthen the church in countries where believers are
          under pressure. The pages that follow will share stories of hope you’ve
          helped make possible in places where Christians are the clear minority.     Their physical
          And you’ll learn from reflections on Christian faithfulness from some of    hunger was
          the biblical leaders you’ve helped equip across the Muslim world.

          Together, responding to a world in need of spiritual relief                 visible, and the
          On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ living and serving in this   spiritual hunger

          region, thank you for walking alongside.
                                                                                      was palpable.

          Benjamin K. Homan
          President, Langham Partnership USA

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