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Growing Faith

          in the Muslim World

          Across Muslim-majority countries, Jesus followers are                                    69

          challenged to grow their faith in the face of increasing
          pressure and persecution. Be encouraged at this snapshot                       SCHOLARS SERVING

          of how, with your support, Langham is training and                         IN 14 MUSLIM-MAJORITY
          resourcing local pastors and leaders to help Jesus followers                         COUNTRIES

          love and live in community with their Muslim neighbors.

          * Denotes countries where Langham works.

                                                                                      Impact: They will go on to train
                                                                                     over half a million more leaders

          Islam at a Glance                                                            NORTH AND WEST AFRICA

                                                                            Mauritania , Tunisia, Morocco, Somalia, Niger,
                                                                               Comoros, Algeria, Sudan, Djibouti, Libya,
          Islam is the world’s fastest growing                             Senegal , Gambia , Mali , Egypt , Guinea , Sierra
          religion with approximately                                             Leone , Nigeria , Burkina Faso , Chad *
          1.8 billion followers.
          It is projected to surpass Christianity as
          the world’s largest religion within the
          second half of this century.

          20% of the world’s Muslims live in
          the Middle East and North Africa.                                  LANGHAM SCHOLAR
                                                                             SUNDAY AGANG
          62% of the world’s Muslims live in                                  Seminary teacher;
          Asia-Pacific, with large concentrations in                        launched a ministry that
                                                                              serves the needy
          Indonesia, India and Pakistan.                                                                   LANGHAM SCHOLAR
                                                                                                             ELIE HADDAD
          Information from Pew Research Center                                                             Leads a seminary that
                                                                                                          promotes dialogue and
                                                                                                           partnership between
                                                                                                          Christians and Muslims
          Impact data from a measurement and evaluation of Langham’s ministry
          effectiveness by Excellence in Giving.

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