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Lessons We Need

                                                from the Global Church

                                                By: Ajith Fernando

                                                Any astute observer of the church worldwide would realize that there is a crisis
                                                relating to leadership within the church. Among the many reasons for this is the fact
                                                that most churches in both the western and non-western world have been greatly
          PHOTO: Christians gather
          to pray in Cambodia.                  influenced by models of leadership that are closer to the culture in which they
                                                operate than to the Scriptures. Addressing this issue biblically and practically is one
                                                of the most urgent needs the church faces in my part of the world and, I believe,
                                                elsewhere too.

                                                The life of the church in the Majority World has been immeasurably enriched by
                                                riches from the western world through literature and other media. We are grateful
                                                for that contribution and must continue to be enriched in this way. But the church
                                                worldwide needs to hear from the Christians in the Majority World also. There are
                                                unique riches there which can bless the universal church. We need each other.
                                                Our theology of the body of Christ demands a partnership in all fields of Christian
                                                endeavor. Much partnership is taking place these days in the fields of mission
                                                strategy and practice. But we also need partnership in Christian thinking covering
                                                the different segments of theology, including the theology of leadership.

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