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FALL 2016

                                                 THE NEWSLETTER OF LANGHAM PARTNERSHIP USA

                                                A STRONG


        It’s Sunday outside of St. Peter’s                                                from…it’s a great motivation for
        Church in Bandung, Indonesia,                                                     me,” says Mutiara. “In class she
        and these children crowd around          BANDUNG                                  emphasizes not just teaching and
        their favorite teachers—Rini                                                      preaching God’s Word, but also
        and Mutiara, who are currently                                                    the life of the people that you are
        studying under Langham Scholar                                                    ministering to. You have to love
        Dwi Handayani at the Bandung Theological Seminary.         them, approach them, spend time with them. The more I
        They are serving at the church, which is located in one of   learn about the Bible and theology, the more confidence
        Bandung’s poorest neighborhoods, as part of their studies.   I have to serve others.”

        Dwi’s own story of emerging from a childhood of            Inside these pages, you’ll meet Dwi and learn how, with
        desperate poverty has motivated and inspired Rini and      Langham’s support, she is being equipped to train other
        Mutiara to better love and serve the children of St. Peters   leaders, like Rini and Mutiara, to share the love of Christ
        Church. “Looking at Dwi, knowing where she came            throughout Indonesia.

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