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CULTIVATE  |  Langham Partnership Newsletter  |  VOLUME V • ISSUE 2

        “There is a gap,” Rolex admits. And he believes one way to
        “break the gap” is through community immersion.

        Context and community
        When Rolex returned to the Philippines after completing his
        Ph.D. studies, he says God opened up bigger opportunities

        for him to share his heart for community immersion
        with pastors and church leaders. He says at one point he
        conducted a seminar for at least 50 pastors eager to learn.

        “I love mentoring,” Rolex shares. “I have been mentoring
        pastors and most of them are my former students in the
                                                                      Langham Scholar Rolex Cailing is preparing future pastors to
                                                                      bring the hope of Christ into displaced communities.
        One of the principles Rolex is eager to pass on is how

        important it is for preachers to be engaged with their      dispersed and displaced people because there you learn to
        communities—taking context into consideration. “When you    listen, you learn to serve authentically. And the fact that you
        know the hurts of the people… it changes everything—the     are there to listen to their groaning and laments and pray
        way you talk to them, the way you pray with them.”          with them and live with them … it is [also] transformational

                                                                    for the people observing your ministry.”

                                                                    The “dispersed and displaced people” Rolex refers to are the
                                                                    survivors of typhoon Haiyan, a superstorm that smashed
                                                                    into the Philippines in November 2013. Thousands of people
                                                                    died and millions lost their homes. At least 2,000 of those
                                                                    homeless people relocated in the province of Rizal, where

                                                                    Rolex and his family live.
                                                                    Through Rolex’s support and
                                                                    leadership as senior pastor of   42%
                                                                    Life Reach Ministries, many
                                                                    of the resettled families have   OF LANGHAM
          As a teacher, Rolex helps prepare future ministry leaders like   found hope and are growing   SCHOLARS START
          these students at Center for Biblical Studies Institute and
          Seminary in Antipolo City.                                in their relationship with God.  CHURCHES OR
                                                                    By partnering with other          MINISTRIES
        A transformational experience                               organizations, Rolex created

        Community immersion is not a popular ministry model in the   opportunities to help the displaced community meet critical
        Philippines, according to Rolex. Instead, he says, many pastors   needs. He set up a feeding program for children and taught
        are too quick to tell people in tragic situations that “It’s OK,   parents how to recycle and make money from trash. He

        God has a plan.”                                            organized basketball teams to connect with the youth and
                                                                    men in the community. And, because there were no schools
        “You can’t just jump in and say ‘God has a purpose for this
                                                                    in the resettlement area, Rolex started one tailored to the
        tragedy’ – and you’re talking to someone who just lost three
                                                                    needs of local children.
        kids? But, by being there, living with them and listening to
        their cries, you are sending a message that God is alive and   Church growth vision
        in control,” Rolex emphasizes.  “For a theologian like me, it is   While Rolex’s initial goal was to help the displaced families
        transformational to be immersed in the community of the     rebuild their lives, eventually he was able to start a church

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