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        in the community. Now with three churches under
        his leadership, Rolex hopes to see two more church             Langham Scholars
        plants by 2020. He advocates a teamwork approach               = Ministry Starters
        to church multiplication and ministry—unusual in

        Filipino culture, where a church normally has just
        one pastor.  Today, Rolex is mentoring 5 pastors at               42% OF LANGHAM SCHOLARS START
        Life Reach.                                                         NEW MINISTRIES, SEMINARIES AND
        He says, “I can be their coach, but I can also be their           CHURCHES TO SERVE THEIR NATIONS.

        playing coach because I involve myself.”
        In the end, Rolex says ministry is about creating
        opportunities and transforming lives. “I see the

        Gospel of the Lord as holistic,” he explains. “I think                               Ronald Laldinsuah
        the Gospel, if you truly have it, penetrates the                                     Missions in Myanmar
        transformation of society.”                                                          Founded Myanmar Native
                                                                                             Missions to raise up local
        Thank you for your faithful support of Langham                                       believers to reach members of

        Partnership which helps to multiply trained leaders                                  their tribes with the Gospel.
        like Rolex who build bridges between God’s Word
        and the world around them.

                                                                                             Antonio Barro
                                                                                             Multiplying Leaders in Brazil
                                                                                             Started South American
                                                                                             Theological Seminary—with
                                                                                             1,700 graduates now serving
                                                                                             around the world.

                                                                                             Lami Bakari
                                                                                             New Life in Nigeria

                                                                                             Started Stitch of Hope to
                                                                                             teach women to sew and lift
                                                                                             themselves out of poverty.

          Pastor Jonathan Cion was mentored by Rolex and
          helps pastor at Life Reach. “What he taught me is the                              Martin Accad
          importance of [knowing] the Word of God.”                                          Unity in Lebanon
                                                                                             Founded the Institute of Middle
                                                                                             East Studies to unify Muslims
                                                                                             and Christians from around
                                                                                             the world, promoting peaceful
                                                                                             dialogue and service.

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