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                                                 THE NEWSLETTER OF LANGHAM PARTNERSHIP USA

              HOPE FOR

              THE HEART OF

              SRI LANKA

                                                       Thank you for your part in enabling Langham to train pastors,
                                            including the leader of this growing congregation in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

               For believers in Sri Lanka, putting faith in Christ can   hear how His Word speaks into their daily struggles.
               mean losing other freedoms. In the predominantly        Yet, 8 in 10 of their pastors lack any formal training on
               Buddhist country, Christians often find themselves cast   how to study and teach the Bible. Now more than ever,
               out by their families, marginalized in the workplace,   the Sri Lankan church needs equipped pastors and
               pressured to recant their faith, or under physical attack.   leaders who shepherd the church to grow in depth as
               Amazingly, God is growing His church in the midst of    it grows in size.
               these pressures as new believers come desperate to      This is why, together with you, Langham is urgently


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