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A Resilient Faith                                                                          PHOTO: Ben Homan visits
                                                                                            the devastation of the 2004
                                                                                            tsunami in Indonesia along with
 Dear friend of Langham,   to assemble or build. Yet, in the face of persecution, tsunamis and pandemics,    other concerned Christians.

 Covid-19 disrupted life in 2020. Plans postponed, events canceled, and normal routines tossed   the church in Indonesia continues to grow.
 aside. Technology enabled some of us to connect with friends and continue work remotely   How can the church survive under such circumstances? The church grows
 while others faced extended periods of unemployment and isolation. Sadly, the daily news   because of the power and promise of Jesus Christ to build His church. The
 featured a climbing death toll.   church in the Majority World abounds spiritually where it suffers materially

 For churches and Christians in the Majority World, disruption is a daily reality. They are   and politically.   They long for
 politically persecuted, socially isolated, and economically impoverished. They endure war,   Recently, we sent a small team to visit an Indonesian church led by a Langham-  God’s presence
 natural disasters, pandemics, and public health crises with crushing frequency. Yet, their faith   trained pastor. While many In his congregation experience poverty, he leads
 persists. In the face of countless challenges, they gather to proclaim and celebrate the fact    them to focus outward to serve their Muslim neighbors. He says, “God loves and   when pandemics,
 that Christ is King!  keeps us. We must love our neighbors so they know God loves them.” Resilience!   wars, and other

 As westerners, we have much to learn about resilience from our brothers and sisters around   A tour of the resilient church
 the world.   In this edition of Cultivate, you’ll visit the church around the world and learn    tragedies hit.
 “I will build my church”  how they persevere in the midst of hardship. Thanks to your generosity, Langham
          works in these hard places equipping pastors and leaders to preach God’s Word,
 The church in the Majority World, though under pressure and under-resourced, is growing but
 fragile. Believers are isolated from friends and family when they profess their faith. They long   helping His people find hope and resilience in Christ. Join me as we rejoice in and
 for God’s presence when pandemics, wars, and other tragedies hit.  learn from Christ’s body in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and beyond.

 I’ll never forget visiting Indonesia following the 2004 tsunami that resulted in the death of   Grateful,
 nearly 230,000 people. Entire villages and regions were reduced to rubble by the waves, the
 economy was devastated, and survivors struggled through trauma.

 In this primarily Muslim country, most don’t know the hope of Christ. Christians make up only   Benjamin K. Homan
 10% of the population. Their very presence leads to persecution, and they’re denied the right   President, Langham Partnership USA

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