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The Resilient   Covid-19              *               HONG KONG PROTESTS

 Global Church in 2020  102,942,987                    Pro-democracy protests began in June 2019—a reaction
                                                       to Hong Kong government’s proposed extradition bill.
                                                       In 2020, thousands of citizens have been arrested and
                   GLOBAL CONFIRMED
                                                       injured in the protests.
                   CASES OF COVID-19
                    2,232,233                          Langham-equipped scholar Sean  leads a seminary
 From weather to warfare, protests to a pandemic—the global   Riad Kassis, Director     GLOBAL DEATHS    whose students go on to influence every area of
                                                       society. They plant churches, lead workplace Bible
 church has endured pressures and challenges in 2020. Your   of Langham Scholars  ATTRIBUTED TO COVID-19  studies, and head up urban outreaches. Former
                                                       student Paul , who serves in the government, says,
 partnership with Langham has already equipped pastors and   101,308,238   “You see how important Scripture is to daily life and
 leaders positioned to serve on the frontlines. Be encouraged as   BEIRUT EXPLOSION  VACCINE DOSES GIVEN GLOBALLY  the many issues the city is facing.”
 you learn how they are opening God’s Word, introducing Jesus   A warehouse at the port of Beirut exploded
 on August 4, 2020, killing more than
 to the lost, and serving as peacemakers in a hard year.     200, injuring over 6,500, and displacing   TYPHOON SEASON IN THE PHILIPPINES
 300,000 civilians, and deepening Lebanon’s
 economic crisis.          More than 20 tropical storms battered the
                           Philippines in 2020, including Vamco, which
 Five Langham Scholars serve in some of   caused the worst flooding in Manila in 45 years.
 the most strategic Christian institutions
 in Lebanon, including Beirut’s Arab   Rolex Cailing is one of 13 Langham-
 Baptist Seminary. In addition to   supported scholars training leaders to
 equipping biblical leaders to proclaim   shepherd congregations in this disaster-
 Good News in a hard place, they   prone nation. Rolex also walks alongside
 mobilized their institutions to respond   displaced peoples in the aftermath of
 MEXICAN   to the needs of the city in the aftermath   disasters. He says, “By being there, living
                           with them and listening to their cries, you
 of the explosion.
 DRUG WARS                 are sending a message that God is alive
                           and in control.” This year, your support is
 Violence, ransoms, and kidnappings rage   training 4 emerging Filipino leaders.
 on in the ongoing Mexican drug war. The
 Congressional Research Service estimates
 more than 150,000 crime-related homicides
 have occurred in Mexico since 2006, with
 over 70,000 missing or disappeared.
 Since 2016, you’ve helped train 150+
 pastors and leaders to study and teach   ETHIOPIA
 the gospel in Mexico. These leaders now
 shepherd congregations to serve as    ETHNIC   AUSTRALIAN WILDFIRES
 salt and light.                                Hundreds of wildfires raged across Australia
 POLITICAL CRISIS   CONFLICT                    during “The Black Summer” of 2019-2020,
 IN VENEZUELA  Rising tensions across Ethiopia’s 10    scorching more than 45 million acres,
 ethno-linguistic regional states led to violent   causing billions in damage, and resulting in
 The political crisis continues to wreak havoc   conflict in Tigray, carried out by the federal   LOCUST SWARMS IN   more than 30 deaths.
 on the economy and infrastructure of   government, and resulting in the death of   EAST AFRICA  As the fire season began, Langham
 Venezuela, creating a lack of employment,   hundreds of civilians and the displacement    held its first-ever preaching training in
 food, and other basic human necessities.   of thousands.  The worst locust swarm in decades ravaged   Australia with indigenous Aboriginal
 The United Nations estimates that more   Since 2012, we’ve equipped 100 pastors   the already vulnerable Horn of Africa region, as   pastors—a group vulnerable to
 than 5 million Venezuelans have migrated   teach God’s Word in Ethiopia, bringing   well as the Arabian Peninsula, destroying crops   generational trauma and poverty, as
 out of the country since 2014.  many different ethnic groups together   and causing food shortages for tens of millions.  well as natural disasters like the
 Langham recently helped develop and   for training under one roof. Pastors like   Langham supports the development and   bushfires of 2020. “Our community
 launch the Latin Contemporary Bible   Misgana who, though he was born and   distribution of biblical resources written by   desperately needs good strong
 Commentary – giving pastors a resource   has been ministering in Ethiopia’s capital   Africans for the African context—books like   indigenous preachers to help us grow
 to help them connect Scripture to   city, is being drawn into the rural parts of   Christianity and Suffering and God, Where   spiritually,” says Rick and Kayleen,
 pressing issues like prosperity gospel   his country where he says, “The people are   are You? help believers biblically respond    among the first group of aboriginal
 and corruption.    thirsty and they want to know the truth.”  to suffering.  pastors trained.
 6  CULTIVATE                                                                                     7

        * Data gathered from World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, accurate as of 2/2/21
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