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                                                 THE NEWSLETTER OF LANGHAM PARTNERSHIP USA

      This is more than just a glimpse inside of a church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It’s a picture of hearts

      being changed and drawn close to Jesus—and it started with you!  Your prayers and generosity
      made it possible for Langham to help equip Seble Daniel, a theological leader now training future
      pastors and leaders for Ethiopia, including the pastors of this church who faithfully teach God’s
      Word. Be encouraged as you meet some of the leaders equipped by Seble and now shining the

      light of Christ into hard regions. (story continued inside)

      ON THE INSIDE                                  2  ONE TRAINED LEADER,    4  UPCOMING PASTOR        5  NEW COMMENTARY
                                                       A RIPPLE OF IMPACT
                                                                                                            LAUNCHES IN THE
      TABLE OF CONTENTS                                IN ETHIOPIA             5  YOUR LEGACY CAN HAVE      ARAB WORLD
                                                                                  A GLOBAL IMPACT        6  PRESIDENT’S LETTER

      Equipping a new generation of Bible teachers                                                   
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