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Your faithful monthly gift sustains the work of Langham, helping us continue to equip local pastors and leaders with God’s Word.

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By giving monthly as a Langham Partner, you help equip a new generation of Bible teachers. Your faithful support allows us to:




Plant national movements for continuous training in biblical preaching. With your help, Langham equips more than 10,000 pastors and lay leaders to preach and teach the Word of God. For most, it will be the only formal training they receive to shepherd their churches with the transforming truth of God’s Word. 



Provide and develop evangelical literature for preachers and seminaries. In addition to distributing much-needed biblical books for indigenous pastors, Bible colleges and seminaries, Langham walks with the global church to develop local books and commentaries, such as the Africa Bible Commentary, written in and for the local context.



Offer doctoral scholarships for theological leaders who in turn multiply themselves many times over, training pastors, equipping the next generation of leaders and Bible teachers, starting new Bible colleges and seminaries and serving as leaders in their home countries.

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