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19 April 2013 |

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Week of Apr 18, 2013


Atef Gendy April 18

Egypt: It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!

by Riad Kassis, Langham Scholars

Several years ago when Langham International Director Chris Wright sat with Langham Scholar Atef Gendy at the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) in Cairo, he listened to Atef talk about his vision for the seminary: to create an Institute for the study of this great storehouse of Middle Eastern Christianity, to offer conferences, research facilities, a degree, and eventually the possibility of doctoral research in that field. Atef asked, ‘Why mimic the West when you have a gold mine of resources in your own backyard?’

Today, Atef’s dream is now a reality! READ MORE about how, in the midst of conflict and safety concern in the Middle East, Arab Christians see ETS as a ray of hope.


Langham Preaching in Kenya

Confluence: A Coming Together of Prayer, Place and People

by Jennifer Cuthbertson, Langham Preaching

In early February, Mercy Ireri and I journeyed to Meru, a city situated at the base of Mount Kenya about 250 km northeast of Nairobi. Our mission: to bring just a ‘Taste of Langham’to Reach the Unreached, an indigenous mission group serving the north and northeastern regions of Kenya. This group of women and men with little formal education has evangelized and planted over 100 churches all the way to Kenya’s border with Ethiopia and South Sudan. READ MORE about how God uses these humble, hard-working people in amazing ways in some of the most difficult regions of Kenya.


Prayers and Praise

Thank you for your prayer support for these efforts of Langham Preaching this week:

  • Preaching training in Liberia and New Zealand.
  • In Jos, Nigeria, training this week and the ongoing work of preacher clubs in the coming weeks.
  • Praise in southern Africa for the deep fellowship and training that reached attendees representing three countries.

Your support helps all these programs to reach thousands of people across the globe with sound biblical truth! Thank you!