God’s Name Glorified – Pictures of Radical Hope

John Stott said that “God’s will is that every knee shall bow to Jesus and every tongue should confess He is Lord.” Because of your prayers and support of the Radical Disciple Fund, God’s Word is taking root in people’s hearts and lives. The result? God’s name is glorified from rural village churches to city centers, and His will is done even in the hard places as followers grow into faithful disciples.

Be encouraged by these snapshots below–a faithful reminder that God is at work among the nations as His name is lifted high.

Love of Christ in the Heart of Egypt

ceoss_schoolCairo has been in the news for all of the wrong reasons–from the revolution in 2011 to the bombing of a Coptic cathedral just a few days ago. In this region, God’s people are living under pressure and ar8a0389persecution. This is where Dr Andrea Zaki (pictured left), a theological trained leader with support from Langham, heads up CEOSS (the Coptic Evangelical Organization of Social Services), a development agency that equips and partners with churches, government agencies and other organizations to seek the peace and prosperity of the city. Dr. Zaki says “The whole gospel for the whole community…that’s our goal in empowering local churches [and addressing] societal issues.”  That means whether building houses and schools, investing  in vocational training, or providing medical care–they are the hands and feet of Christ across Cairo.

Pictured above are students and teachers outside of a school supported by CEOSS. In addition to providing quality education for some of the regions poorest, the school serves as a food distribution point for its students.

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Joyful Worship in Myanmar


A scene of joyful worship inside a small church in Myanmar. The pastor here, Kep, also leads a small publishing company which translates much-needed literature into the minority Chin language, with support from Langham. The books are distributed to churches and leaders in the remote tribes to the north, where many are desperate to understand God’s Word in their language.

Pastor Kep says, “In Myanmar, it is very hard to find good books that teach what is true. . . Langham is helping me to provide the books that can help people learn more about God.  One of these pastors calls these books ‘precious jewels’  and he uses them in his daily Bible study and his sermons. I see that his spiritual life is growing with joy and peace because of these Langham books.”

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A Message of Hope in Cambodia


In Cambodia, generations and nearly all of the Christians were wiped out by genocide. Today, as the church grows, new generations are hungry to learn more about God. Pictured in the foreground is Tim, a local publisher who, with support and mentoring from Langham, is developing and delivering biblical books into the hands of pastors, students and families across Cambodia. Tim shares, “Typically pastors cannot come to Bible school, but the book can come to them. So they can read the book and they can learn from the book and they can share the right message.”

Here, he is praying with members of a church in a remote region to the north, where Buddhism is the primary religion and very few pastors have training on how to study and teach God’s Word. The pastor of this church, trained by Langham, says that these books make all the difference: “I hear from my church members now that they can know clearly what God’s Word is.”

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Glory to God in Ghana


While more than 60% in Ghana identify as Christians–8 in 10 of their pastors still lack even the most basic Bible training. As a result, false teachings like the prosperity gospel are crippling the church.   Charles Owiredu, a Langham Scholar and president of a local Christian university, emphasizes,  “There is so much need in continuing to raise up strong Christian leaders inside our country so that God’s Word may be taken out and shared with our people in all areas–from the local business sector to rural farmers.”

Inside Community Bible Church (pictured above), worship is vibrant as Scripture is faithfully preached each Sunday. Nicholas, who sits under Langham-trained pastor Emanuel’s faithful teaching, now says, “Attending church here has been life changing and transforming. . . Now about 80% of my family members are saved because what I received I began to share gradually. Some  have given their lives to Christ. Some have been visiting but they are yet to commit to give their life to Christ, so I see God using this church to really build lives and to change lives.”

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