Your generosity has made such a difference in this region, multiplying conquerors in Christ. Together, let’s finish strong.

Distribute and Translate Much-Needed Biblical Books

Most pastors and Bible students in this region have no, or very few, biblical study books in their language and context. Your gift puts the Burmese Study Bible (Myanmar) and the New Bible Dictionary (Cambodia) directly into their hands–and completes the Urdu translation of the South Asia Bible Commentary for Pakistan.


Send 205+ pastors and lay leaders to local training seminars

In just the next few months, more than 200 pastors are signed up and ready to attend Langham’s preaching training seminars across Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Myanmar. Your gift sends them to training, provides the pastoral training books they receive when they get there, and helps connect them in local Preaching Clubs where they receive ongoing mentoring.


Develop Urgently Needed Biblical Commentaries for Sri Lanka

After decades of being torn by civil war–it’s within the church that Tamil and Sinhala are experiencing the grace of reconciliation. These believers, and their pastors, need biblical books that open God’s Word to them–written in their language and with their history in mind. Your gift allows local authors and publishers to write and develop more than 2,000 copies of select Bible commentary books–and translates study books in the Tamil and Sinhala languages.