Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday becomes Global Tuesday as 500 pastors are trained across Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Every gift is matched until we reach our goal of $25,000.

Go Global on Giving Tuesday

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To Train Pastors Around the World

Your Gift Helps Train 500 Pastors across 10 Nations

Our goal is to EQUIP 500 PASTORS from 10 NATIONS to TEACH THE BIBLE and shepherd their churches with God’s Word.

Pastors are already signed up and need your help to attend Langham’s regional training events over the next few months in Indonesia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Benin, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and two sensitive countries. It only takes $50 to train 1 pastor for a year.


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The Need: Biblical Leaders for the Global Church

It is estimated that more than 80% OF PASTORS around the world have little or no biblical training – that’s more than 2 MILLION PASTORS that are not equipped to help believers in their churches understand and apply God’s Word.


Pastor Testimonials

Read how Langham's training is transforming lives.

  • Pastor Fernando


  • Pastor Peter


  • Pastor Bo


  • Pastor Slavko


  • Pastor Jesupalan

    Sri Lanka

"What has produced such a growth in the church? Without any doubts, it has been the preaching of the Word. When the people of this church meet with God's Word, their lives are transformed."

"I’m so grateful for Langham Preaching for training our men, and now they are able to preach and teach the word of God in a way that our people can understand."

"I hear from my church members that they can face the people, they can have a good testimony, and they know God’s Word clearly."

"The training of Langham is a great tool to equip preachers to communicate the Word of God in a better way. It helped me a lot in my ministry."

"Langham preaching really taught me how to get the message from the Scriptures, how to preach the Word according to the Bible"

How it Works


With your help, a pastor travels to an annual one-week long Langham training seminar with other pastors and lay leaders.
Pictured above: 
Pastor training, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Pastors and lay leaders teach the Bible, biblically shepherding local believers to grow in their faith and apply God’s Word in their context.
Pictured above: 
Church members in Cambodia

gt-localpreachingEach pastor returns to their community and forms a “Preaching Circle” with nearby pastors and lay people, to continue training and support.
Pictured above:
Local Preaching Circle in Kenya


Churches more and more become salt and light in their communities and extend the Gospel in their families, neighborhoods, schools and work places.
Pictured above: 
Church members in Brazil impacting their neighborhood for Christ

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