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In more than 90 nations where Langham works, pastors lack training they need to faithfully teach God’s Word.  Your gift on #GivingTuesday helps us deliver the training and resources they need to  grow in maturity and mission.


 Giving Tuesday $10,000 Match: $1 = 2 for the Global Church

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We’ve just received good news for Giving Tuesday! A generous, anonymous donor with a heart to see the Gospel reaching more of God’s people has offered to match gifts up to $10,000. Your gift of any amount is doubled to help  Langham  equip believers on the frontlines around the world where the church is rapidly growing but is also under pressure, lacking in trained pastors, leaders and biblical resources, and yet full of potential.




A gift of $40 is matched to send one pastor to receive training – the only formal training they may have the opportunity to receive. For every gift of $40 or more, you will John Stott’s classic book, The Cross of Christ.



The global church crisis – the lack of biblical leadership

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Pastors from surrounding villages gather to receive training

The last 40 years have seen a dramatic shift in the global church. Today, more than 60% of all believers reside in the global south – across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The church in these and other regions continues to grow at a rapid pace, even in the midst of grinding poverty and persecution.

EVERY DAY more than 150,000 people start their new lives in Christ daily.

EVERY WEEK more than 1,000 churches open their doors in hopes to be salt and light in their communities.

In the midst of this astonishing progress, new believers are hungry to grow in their faith, however they are daily confronted with the reality that:

  • A majority of pastors have no biblical training to shepherd believers with God’s Word,
  • There are very few, if any, biblical resources written in and for their context, and
  • There is a shortage of leaders to train and equip pastors.


That is why Langham exists and the reason we invite you to join us in walking with the global church. With your help, Langham elevates the ministry of God’s Word to help believers grow in Christ and advance the Gospel in their communities.

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Equipped for every good work

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Some of these children were formerly orphans and now have homes

God’s Word does not return void and it equips believers for every good work. With your help, you can bring the hope and light of God’s Word – and as the church is equipped – they overcome false beliefs, oppressive cultures and serve as salt and light in their communities. For example, in a small village in Kenya, as their Langham-trained pastor taught about the biblical concept of love – church members were overjoyed and began to look around them. Their response took on many applications, but one of them was that the church families began taking in orphans. Florence, a believer in the church, says, “After the teachings about love, the church has responded…to help the many orphan children.”

Your gift is matched to multiply disciples around the world


Langham-trained Bolivian pastor Fernando

Even a one-time gift can be multiplied into a lasting legacy of disciple making. Langham-trained pastor Fernando Fernandez, pictured to the left, talks about the difference teaching the Bible has made to his church.

What has produced such a growth in the church? Without any doubt, it has been the preaching of the Word. When the people of this church meet with God’s Word, their lives are transformed.” -Fernando

Here’s what a few of the church members said:

“The preaching has taught me that God is not a God that is far away from me, but He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to be with me day by day, in my life.” –Mariana

“The growth that is going on in the church is because the people are coming hungry. They’re hungry for answers to their questions. Being part of a community that takes seriously the Word of God, it results in maturity, commitment and willingness to be more like Jesus Christ.” –Igor



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John Stott’s Response to the Global Church

right-circleLangham was launched 45 years ago because our founder responded to cries of help from global church leaders as he traveled and spoke in churches across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Early on in his ministry, he renounced 100% of his book royalties and speaking honoraria to launch Langham worldwide and help bring God’s Word to the global church. His legacy continues to grow as Langham walks with the global church worldwide, helping equip thousands of pastors, provide hundreds of thousands of books and equip key leaders around the world.

“We must be global Christians with a global mission because our God is a global God.”  The Contemporary Christian

Your response to help the global church

What a privilege it is to walk with Christians from around the world. As you join Langham to bring the light of God’s Word to communities across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, you will be blessed to hear stories of hope and transformation and grow a deeper understanding of what God is doing not just in your community or in the U.S. but around the world. He is at work, the Gospel is advancing and believers are growing in Christ even in the midst of  poverty, persecution and oppression, there is great potential.

Ways to Give 

  1. Make a donation online.
  2. Mail a donation to: Langham Partnership, Giving Tuesday, P.O. Box 189, Cave Creek, AZ 85327
  3. Donation questions? Email us at

What others say about Langham Partnership

“The growth of the non-Western church is going to change the world. Langham Partnership is a leader in equipping the global church to grow in maturity. I can think of no more strategic work.” — Tim Keller, author and pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY

“By perpetually listening to the needs of the global church, Langham is finding creative, cost-effective solutions to meet those needs just as John Stott did in the organization’s humble beginnings . . . There is much yet to be done at this critical juncture in the history of the global church. Langham is on the forefront of bringing God’s Word to the world, and I do hope you will support this work.” — Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Theological Seminary and former study assistant to John Stott

“I deeply appreciate Langham . . . I am so convinced this is strategic; I’m a donor. . . Paying forward for all I received from Rev. Stott.” — Greg Jao, Christian author and leader


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