God’s Word is Contagious in Mlolongo, Africa

12 May 2014 |


The work of Langham Preaching has been described as a benevolent virus—growing, multiplying, and spreading the ministry of God’s Word in more than 70 nations around the world. In the Majority World, as many as 80% of church leaders lack the training they need to biblically address the issues facing their congregations. Nobody knows this as well as Jane Martin, who worships at the Athi River Church in Mlolongo, Kenya.

“I think many in Kenya just take their Bibles, read and go and deliver the Word without understanding,” she says. “But there is a deeper meaning which needs to be dug inside the Bible—for the person who wants to say ‘what and how do I apply it today?’”

Over the past two years, Jane has received training from Langham on how to study, understand, and share God’s Word. Today, she is part of a local Langham Preaching Club, a gathering of pastors and lay leaders who can encourage and mentor one another. Gaining confidence in her knowledge of the Scriptures, she is now able to minister to other church leaders with all the grace and truth of the Gospel. And, she says, it’s making a difference.

“I encourage them with the Word of God, that telling people about it is not in vain,” she says. “In John Chapter 12, verse 26, it says the Father will honor those who serve him. So, we being the servants of God, preaching God’s Word, it is not in vain because one day God will honor it.”

Today Jane sees the impact of God’s Word reaching beyond her preaching club and out into the larger community.

“God’s Word—it has really helped people,” she explains. “The children, orphans, the widows—we go and preach to them, we speak with them. Now that we are equipped, we can encourage them with God’s Word. And they respond by coming and joining us in the churches.”

With your support, stories like this are playing out in cities and villages around the world, in the more than 70 countries where Langham Preaching works. Trained pastors effectively preaching God’s Word so that churches can flourish and communities can experience true redemption.

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