Your gift helps them become more like Jesus

Launch a new Bible commentary and deliver thousands of study books

The church is growing in hard places–countries where government corruption and grinding poverty are daily realities, and false teaching flourishes. Add to that: a dire lack of contextual study resources leaves  believers vulnerable and lacking a solid biblical foundation. Your gift launches the first-ever Muslim-background Bible commentary to help believers live out their faith in Muslim-majority context, completes the Latin Contemporary Bible Commentary, written in Spanish and Portuguese for grassroots pastors and lay leaders, and delivers thousands of books to churches and Bible colleges.

Equip 68 theological leaders who multiply other leaders

The global church continues to grow rapidly around the world. But there are not enough biblically trained pastors qualified to open God’s Word. And, there are even fewer theological leaders who can teach future pastors in seminaries, author contextual study resources, launch salt and light ministries, and serve at the highest levels in government. Your gift continues the studies of 68 leaders-in-training who are being readied to return home to shape their nations for Christ.


Train 1,200+ grassroots pastors across 15 countries to teach the Bible

Every Sunday, as an increasing number of new believers enter churches, 80% of their pastors enter pulpits lacking even basic training on how to study and faithfully teach God’s Word. This leads to often harmful or inaccurate teaching that weakens the church and leaves new believers vulnerable. In just the next 4 weeks, your gift sends 1,200 pastors across countries like Indonesia, Bolivia, Pakistan and Ghana to receive practical training on how to teach the Bible, and help their congregations become more like Jesus.