The Vision of John Stott to Equip Every Pastor

John Stott

“My vision, as I look out over the world, is to see every pulpit in every church occupied by a conscientious, Bible-believing, Bible-studying, Bible-expounding pastor. I see with my mind’s eye multitudes of people in every country world-wide converging on their church every Sunday, hungry for more of God’s Word. I also see every pastor mounting his pulpit with the Word of God in his mind (for he has studied it), in his heart (for he has prayed over it until it has inflamed him), and on his lips (for he is intent on communicating it).

What a vision! The people assemble with hunger, and the pastor satisfies their hunger with God’s Word! And as he ministers to them week after week, I see people changing under the influence of God’s Word, and so approximating increasingly to the kind of people God wants them to be, in understanding and obedience, in faith and love, in worship, holiness, unity, service and mission.”   John Stott

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