The Need: Myanmar

Your gift allows Langham to continue our work training and resourcing pastors with God’s Word in this region where Christians have been living in exile from oppressive government rule. One local pastor, a former Buddhist monk who has been trained by Langham, says “[Our church members] learn to trust in God through sermons . . . Churches need to be grounded in the Word of God to withstand the coming days.”

The Need: Cambodia

Your gift helps train pastors like Sam who help apply the balm of God’s Word to a region still raw from the systematic murder of its people by the Khmer Rouge. Today, Sam faithfully preaches from Scripture, transforming even the youngest lives (pictured) in his church.

The Need: Pakistan

Your gift deepens the movement of biblical preaching already taking root in this nation where the Christian community is often marginalized and persecuted, and new believers struggle to grow. Today, hundreds of pastors are showing up for Langham’s training on how to study and share Scripture.

The Need: Sri Lanka

Your gift expands Langham’s work training pastors and providing biblical books in this region where believers are under constant pressure, pastors are sometimes threatened, and wounds of a decades-long civil war are fresh. Amazingly, the church continues to grow, but believers need equipped pastors and leaders to help them in the midst of this hard place. Your gifts trains leaders like *pastor Ashan (pictured), who has planted several churches and says, “We just teach them the Word of God…we believe that can transform lives.” DONATE NOW