Langham changed my total understanding of the Bible

7 August 2014 |


When the foundation stone for All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, Kenya, was laid in 1917—a document inscribed with these words was buried underneath: “God grant that this church of All Saints may now and always be a house to promote the greater glory of God . . . and that from it may the waters of life flow for ages for the salvation of the faithful of Nairobi and the whole nation.” Today, the faithful of Nairobi are gathering in a meeting room at the church to study God’s Word, practice and critique sermons, and encourage one another as ministers of the Gospel in their community. Many in this preaching club have been trained by Langham, but all are passionate about seeing God’s Word, the water of life, flowing through their nation.

Over the past four years, more than 155 preachers and lay leaders have learned to study, understand and share God’s Word through the Langham preaching club gathering at All Saints Cathedral, and pastor Sylvia Opando is among those who’ve learned how to build a bridge to the Gospel for many in her community, where she serves as a counselor.

“Langham changed my total understanding of the Bible. Before, I would just open any part of the Bible, read it, and then go and preach,” she says. “But when I learned through Langham, I understood that preaching is a serious matter. These days, I take time to prepare. It has changed my life and understanding of God’s Word.”

As she grew deeper in her own understanding of the Bible, Sylvia was able to guide some of the women she was counseling to biblically address the issues they were facing.

“They started to understand the Word of God in a different way,” she shares. “I saw the fruit that came with some of the preaching and application. As they applied it, I saw tremendous transformation in their life. People who were in the slums, people who were hopeless, people who had turned to begging—I saw them starting to use the Word of God to change their lives. When I left them, they were more economically empowered and doing meaningful activities.”

As her passion for God’s Word grows, so does her desire to share it faithfully with others. In Nairobi, and many countries around the world, God’s Word comes to His people primarily through preaching. This leaves millions vulnerable to false teaching through untrained pastors with good intentions, as well as the proliferation of prosperity teaching they hear from televangelists in the West.

“Expository preaching can impact and transform peoples minds,” she says. “Sometimes I am bothered when televangelists don’t preach the truth. It is a burden in my heart. One day I hopefully will have an opportunity to also preach on TV so that people can understand the Word of God in a different way. To change society … we have to give them the right materials.”

We at Langham Partnership are grateful for your prayers and support of our ministry, a support that allows us to equip pastors around the world to shepherd and grow their communities through God’s Word.

A Look Inside Langham Preaching

Watch this video for a closer look at how Langham is investing in training pastors around the world, to see hearts, communities and entire cultures able to address issues with truth and grace.