Launching Soon: The Preacher’s Notebook

30 March 2018 |

A digital collection of quotes, illustrations and prayers of John Stott

In his book, The Challenge of Preaching, John Stott said: 

“Every preacher must be constantly on the lookout for illustrations. Not that we read books and listen to people only to collect sermon material! Yet we would be wise to write down ideas which come to us, as well as the best quotations from every book we read.”

Decades worth of note cards, each containing Stott’s own hand-written ideas for stories and sermon illustrations, reveal that he enthusiastically practiced what he preached.  

These note cards have been transcribed and compiled into a soon-to-launch digital collection titled The Preacher’s Notebook: The Collected Quotes, Illustrations, and Prayers of John Stott, published by Lexham press and edited by Mark Meynell, Langham’s Director of Preaching in Europe and the Caribbean.

Our prayer is that this book would do what Stott himself dedicated his life to: proclaiming Christ and equipping others to do the same. 

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