Lent 2014: The Voices of Langham

10 March 2014 |

Langham Partnership is celebrating Lent with a collection of sermons–voices of Langham scholars, staff, and facilitators from all over the world. Check back here weekly to see links to new sermons from Rene Padilla, Jonathan Lamb, Greg Scharf, Femi Adeleye, Chris Wright, and John Stott. All these sermons can be downloaded from the All Souls Langham Place website.

Greg Scharf Lent 2014--Voices of Langham
“Darkness and Doubt”
Greg Scharf
former Langham Partnership USA Board Chair
Langham Preaching facilitator
All Souls Church, July 11, 1976
Created for Good Works
René Padilla
Langham Partnership Regional Council member,
Latin America
All Souls Church, 17 Sep 2006
Femi Adeleye  JonathanLamb
Church Growth and Preaching
Femi Adeleye
Langham Scholar
All Souls Church, 26 Feb 2006
 “What on Earth Are You Doing?”
Jonathan Lamb
former Director, Langham Preaching
All Souls Church, 22 Feb 1998
threecrosses tree
“Why Easter Matters (1)”
Mark Meynell
Langham Preaching Facilitator
All Souls Church, 30 Mar 2008
The Last Cry
Christopher J.H. Wright
International Director, Langham Partnership
All Souls Church, 4 May 2009
Good Friday  Forest Sunrise
Christopher J.H. Wright
Langham Partnership International Director
“The Suffering Servant”
All Souls Church,
April 14, 2006
John Stott
“If Christ Had Not Been Raised”
All Souls Church,
31 Mar 2002