A Life Transformed

9 April 2015 |

Langham is equipping pastors who influence their congregations for Christ. This video shares the story of how God’s Word faithfully preached is transforming lives in a small church in Bolivia. Lives like Carlos, who shares his story at the end.

“When the people of this church meet with God’s Word, their lives are transformed.”

That’s how Fernando Fernandez, a Langham-trained pastor in Cochabamba, Bolivia, describes how God’s Word, faithfully preached, is impacting lives at Dios en Cristo church where he teaches.

Carlos Pereira is one of those lives.

A self-described rebel, it took a personal crisis to lead Carlos through the doors of Dios en Cristo, after remembering that someone once invited him there. The first thing that struck him was the music.

“It’s like listening to angels singing,” he says.

But it was the preaching of God’s Word that grabbed his heart.


From fear and hate to love and compassion

That first Sunday Carlos attended church, Igor Amestegui, a church elder and Langham Preaching coordinator for Bolivia, was teaching on Proverbs 1—and God used it to pierce Carlos’ heart.

“In Proverbs 1, it talks about obedience to parents,” Carlos recalls. “Before I heard that series, I was really a rebel son. I had a troubled relationship with my parents.”

After church, he asked Igor if there was a group he could join to study Proverbs more in depth. He was invited to the only group that was meeting at that time: the Wednesday night preaching team meetings. As he began to understand and apply God’s teaching—it softened his heart toward his family, specifically his dad.

Carlos says, “I was challenged by this series in Proverbs to approach my father and reconcile myself with him. I started to have a better relationship with my mother, even with my sister . . . We are really close . . . Before, I was afraid of my dad and I hated him. Now, I feel love, compassion, and I have peace.”


“Everything guided me toward Jesus”

Carlos continued to attend the preaching team meetings, even skipping rugby practice for the chance to study Scripture. As he dug deeper, he says he felt the writings of Paul and John guiding him toward Jesus. Now, the former rebel turned prodigal has a hunger for God’s Word and a ministry helping lead the youth at the church.

“I want to thank brother Igor because when I approached him . . . to give me an overview of Proverbs, instead of giving me just a paper, he invited me to the preacher’ team meeting. I loved to be there because I met wise people that talk about really great things that I can apply in my life,” Carlos says.

Since 2008, Langham has been training groups of pastors in Latin America—a region where church growth is exploding yet the vast majority of church leaders have no training on how to study and teach God’s Word.

Igor, who has been coordinating pastor training in the region, explains, “In Latin America, there are lots of preachers, but not necessarily the Word of God that is preached. Because of the way Gods Word transforms people, the church, and societies, the ministry of Langham is so strategic in our continent.”

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