Dr. Rico Villanueva is training a new generation of pastors in the Philippines.

Rico is a Langham Scholar who teaches at a seminary in Manila helping equip a new generation of Filipino pastors to faithfully preach and apply God’s Word.

It’s about multiplying faithful pastors.

Rico teaches classes, writes commentaries and multiplies pastors who can faithfully preach God’s Word throughout the Philippines.

The power of the pen

Rico puts his scholarly training to use by creating written resources to help pastors understand the Bible and apply it in the Filipino context. In a place where natural disasters, grinding poverty and civil unrest are daily realities–a commentary written by and for South Asians helps readers understand and apply God’s Word in their context and culture.

A new generation of pastors

Rico has equipped pastors like Esy and Ranilo who now lead congregations outside Manila. They continue to benefit from Rico as they use his books to lead Bible studies with their congregations and consult his commentaries as they prepare to preach.

Give today to equip Christian leaders and multiply faithful pastors around the world. 


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