Ministering with the Living Water in Kenya

25 January 2016 |

The thirst Jesus mentions in John 4 is well known to the people of Samburu–a pastoral, nomadic community in north-central Kenya with a deep sense of tradition and a strong connection to the land and livestock. This is home for Michael Lolwerikoi, and its where he returned to minister after receiving his Ph.D. in theology with support from Langham.

It was during his studies that he did a survey on his home village and found that people were walking up to six miles each day just to gather water which, because it was often contaminated, was making them sick. So, in addition to his post as a professor in a local Bible college, he started the nonprofit development organization “Indigenous Sustainable Community Ministries,” with the focus of leading his community out of poverty.

Michael shares, “Clean water is the fundamental basis upon which communities survive and thrive. With the addition of ample clean water, schools, medical clinics, and society at large will be provided with a more stable developmental platform on which to grow.”

Michael is in a unique position–equipped now not only to provide humanitarian aid, but also to quench spiritual thirst through his well ministry. He says,”…bringing drinking water to the pastoral,nomadic people is opening up opportunities for evangelism. The village we are in, before we had a water well, they were not Christian. But now after seeing the love of Jesus and compassion, they have responded.”

A woman in the Samburu tribe now receives physical and spiritual nourishment as both clean water and God’s Word are shared.

Equipping even one leader to minister with hope from the Gospel impacts many. And Michael is one of nearly 350 graduated Langham Scholars now serving as salt and light in 75 countries. Thank you for your faithful partnership and support which goes toward training more leaders like Michael around the world.

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