Photo of the Week, August 26th

26 August 2013 |

“I see people bearing the image of God.”

Almia Batista dos Sautos, mayor of Sabaudia, Brazil from 2005-2012 (pictured to the right) and running for state congressman in 2014, is a graduate of South America Theological Seminary, founded by Langham Scholar Antonio Barro (Photo: Pictured Below). Mayor dos Sautos is an inspirational leader who leads group devotionals on Monday mornings in the welcome reception area of City Hall. During his tenure, Sabaudia became the number one city in business development in the state (among 399 cities). Mayor dos Sautos specifically helped the poor in Sabaudia get back on their feet. One example: The city provided 120 homes to low-income families, and with the key to the house came a Bible.

“Every politician should have a theological degree or theological training because it will teach them to honor God by how they treat people who are made in the image of God.”