Make a Radical Difference

The world needs more radically committed followers of Jesus. Will you consider a gift that equips Christlike leaders who grow and mature God’s church so the church can impact the world?


The greatest need in the global church?

Our broken world needs more radical disciples—biblical leaders who follow hard after Jesus. God’s church around the world is growing. His people are hungry for His Word—and they desperately need leaders equipped to shepherd them with the Gospel.

That’s why Langham Partnership exists, to cultivate leaders rooted in God’s Word and equipped to shepherd God’s people in some of the hardest places on earth. In his final book, The Radical Disciple, John Stott calls these leaders “radical disciples,” explaining the term “radical” has its origins in the Latin word which means “a root.”


Will You Respond to the Call to be Radical this Season?

Your gift to the RADICAL DISCIPLE FUND allows Langham to respond to some of these most urgent needs of the global church, equipping “rooted” leaders to disciple these believers:


ukraine_GettyImages-477126075-2-1Advance God’s Word in former Soviet bloc countries.

The church in former Soviet bloc countries has experienced greater freedom since the fall of communism, yet it’s still very much a minority.  There is a vacuum of qualified, Christ-like leaders to shepherd a region still recovering from an oppressive regime. Your gift helps complete the Slavic Bible Commentary—a first of its kind full commentary on the Bible written by Slavic scholars for new and growing believers, in their language and from their context. It will be distributed to leaders and pastors, equipping them to study and share how God’s Word is relevant in the lives of their congregations and communities.

Make a radical difference.

“Apart from publications leaking underground, there have been no serious resources published to enable the work of the preachers, ministers, [and] Christian community leaders.” -Dr. Parush Parushev, Slavic Bible Commentary Advisory Board; Langham Scholar, Czech Republic


Train pastors to proclaim Christ in Africa.

The African church is exploding with growth and enthusiasm, yet believers are vulnerable to the proliferation of false teaching, such as the prosperity gospel, from pastors who lack biblical training. In the words of one Langham-equipped leader in Kenya, “A lot of people are growing, but there is thin doctrine, thin theology. And that is very dangerous.” This is why Langham is training and mentoring teams of biblical trainers, preparing them to in turn train other pastors and leaders across Africa–in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Benin, Nigeria, Kenya and the DR Congo.

“I used to preach by groping around the Bible texts. The training and books are the best tools, and have transformed my life. My personal life has changed and my preaching ministry has been transformed.
I am now well equipped.” –Felix, a pastor recently trained by Langham in Benin, on the impact of his training

Make a radical difference.


Equip leaders who multiply disciples around the world.

Help support Ph.D. students from nations where the church faces great opposition, yet lacks theological leaders who can multiply other pastors and leaders. Your gift scholarships 73 new theology students, allowing them to continue their studies and prepare for a lifetime of ministry in their home countries, where they often go on to start seminaries, Bible colleges and other vital ministries. Even one trained scholar will multiply hundreds of disciples of Christ.

Make a radical difference.


“The beauty of multiplication is you don’t control it. It’s the work of the Holy Spirit. The wind is blowing and moving and taking our graduates to many places. People are starting Bible institutes, discipleship programs, they are writing articles, ministering to people in jail, planting new churches. Perhaps one of the greatest blessings we have is to let go and let God do it. We release these students, let them go, and the Holy Spirit will guide them and bless them.” — Langham Scholar Antonio Barro talking about students at South America Theological Seminary (SATS) in Brazil.

Honoring the Radical Heart of Our Founder

stott on stage45 years ago, our founder, John Stott, responded to the cries he heard coming from majority world church leaders by renouncing a lifetime of book royalties and speaking honoraria to seed and grow the ministry of Langham. His radical step of faith launched a movement that today is equipping a new generation of biblical pastors and leaders equipped to bring the hope of Christ to more than 90 nations. That’s why we started the RADICAL DISCIPLE FUND—a way to honor Stott’s own radical response to the needs of God’s church around the world.

Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to the RADICAL DISCIPLE FUND, raising up biblical leaders equipped to minister with the radical hope of Christ around the world in places like the former Soviet bloc nations, Africa, and around the world.

Make a radical difference.