How Your Generosity Multiplies Radical Disciples

Reach 300 million + with God’s Word in Latin America

In a region where government corruption and grinding poverty are a daily reality—the prosperity gospel flourishes, leaving believers vulnerable and lacking a solid biblical foundation for their lives. Compounding the problem:  Bible study resources, written by Latin American scholars for the Latin American church, are almost nonexistent. Your gift helps complete the groundbreaking Latin Contemporary Bible Commentary, the first-of-its-kind written in Spanish and Portuguese for grassroots pastors, lay leaders, church members and Bible students. For the first time, a light shines on God’s Word—revealing how it addresses the most urgent issues facing believers in this region.


Train 1,700+ pastors in West and Central Africa to Teach the Gospel

1 in 4 believers lives in Africa, and yet 8 in 10 pastors there have no biblical training. Like many regions—believers struggling with prosperity theology, poverty, political conflicts and the rise of radical Islam are begging for a response from God’s Word. Langham is responding to this enormous need by training 1,700+ pastors across 10 west and central African nations. Even 1 trained pastor can impact hundreds of lives within a single congregation. And that church, maturing under God’s Word, can have a radical impact on the surrounding community for Christ.


Equip 69 Theological Leaders Who Multiply Other Leaders

The growth of the church around the world is exploding across Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. But qualified biblical leaders who can listen to the world and build bridges to the Word are in short supply at every level—from village churches to urban seminaries. Langham is supporting the Ph.D. studies of 69 theology students from 37 nations—men and women who will go on to shape their nations for Christ.