How Your Generosity Multiplies Radical Disciples

Train Pastors & Launch New Pastor Training

It’s a staggering reality that 2.2 million pastors enter pulpits across Africa, India, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East without training to faithfully preach, leaving congregations vulnerable to false teaching, harmful practices, and ill-equipped to be salt and light. Your help trains 525 pastors in the coming weeks and months across 14 nations, plus it equips teams of indigenous pastor trainers who then lead trainings in their own countries.  And, it launches new pastor training in 7 nations, including Ukraine and Haiti. It’s a gift that will make a radical difference in regions where God’s people are desperate to hear His voice.


Equip 20 Theological Leaders & Strengthen Their Impact

In 2020, nearly 70% of Christians will reside outside of the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, and many of the will be first-generation followers of Jesus. Now more than ever, the global church needs theological leaders who will multiply other leaders by teaching in seminaries, authoring biblical books, starting new ministries, and serving the church in their nations. Your gift raises up 20 theological leaders in 15 nations across Francophone Africa and Eastern Europe–leaders who will point people toward Christ in regions beset by poverty and conflict. 


Provided Biblical Books to Pastors & Bible Schools

When Langham’s founder, John Stott, visited with pastors and Bible students in Africa, Asia and Latin America, he said, “I have been in a number of pastors’ homes in which the total number of visible books was barely a dozen.” Pastors and students still lack the biblical books they need to study and grow as leaders. Your help puts thousands of urgently needed books into the hands of pastors and onto seminary library shelves. And, it distributes the Contemporary Bible Commentary for Latin America, helping pastors biblically address local issues.