Scholar Spotlight: Meet George Atido

4 April 2014 |


“Initially, I wanted to study suffering.”

When George Atido felt the call into ministry, he thought he’d go on to study suffering. It’s not hard to imagine why. The town he calls home, Bunia, was at the center of much of the conflict in the Congo during the late 90s.  Today, Bunia is predominantly Christian—although with so many church leaders lacking any formal biblical training, many Christians struggle to find solid Biblical teaching.  But that is precisely what George is hoping to change.

With Langham support, George is studying World Christianity at Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya, with a focus on how the Gospel relates to other religions and cultural contexts. His goal is to return to Bunia, where he will teach at the seminary there. His passion is to equip the church in Africa, and in particular in the French speaking west, to proclaim the Gospel so that it speaks into the African context—transforming lives and redeeming communities.


God has been telling me, “You can do something.” 

Although George grew up surrounded by conflict, he felt God placing a unique call on his heart.

“What God has been telling me is you can do something, “ he says. “What are we going to do and how are we going to be relevant? What is the real need for the church? God has been telling me we need to not only meet spiritual needs, but physical needs, as well.”

In the midst of his studies, George is also involved in a small project that works to collect funds to care for about 45 children, vulnerable children who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to school.

“I find that when things are bad, God is calling us not to cry, but to come and contribute and make it good,” George says. “When people are fighting and we have corruption, God is calling us to contribute.”


“The Ph.D. I am getting is not for me.”

When George arrived at AIU, his intention was to get his Masters in Theology, not is Ph.D. But, he applied for the Ph.D. program when he had the opportunity.

“I was the only student who received Langham support that year, so for me that was God supporting my vision and what I want to bring. I am excited that God is still preparing me.”

Without Langham support, George notes, he wouldn’t be able to continue his studies and pursue his plan to return to Bunia and join the faculty and Shalom University, a seminary that shares George’s passion for seeing the Gospel transform communities.

“Real words are missing to express my gratitude and appreciation for Langham. The Ph.D. I am getting is not necessarily for me. I can’t do anything with that piece of paper,” George emphasizes. “It’s to impact people back home. First, for Shalom University in Bunia. But also the church and the society. So, in a way, you’re helping to support the Congolese church and the Congolese society.”

This year, Langham is supporting and shepherding 68 emerging theological leaders from 28 countries, preparing them for a lifetime of multiplicative ministry as they go on to shape nations for Christ. We couldn’t do it without your faithful support and prayers. Thank you for joining with us in this kingdom work! Click here to learn more about how you can help Langham provide scholarship assistance to George and others like him who will faithfully study, teach, and proclaim God’s Word.