Teaching God’s Word In and Out of Season

6 November 2014 |

Regina is a member of Africa Brotherhood Church in Katani, Kenya. Part of a Langham-initiated preaching circle led by her pastor, Regina is learning how to study and share God’s Word, spreading the Gospel and impacting lives for Christ in her village.

When you ask Regina what her teaching was like before receiving training from Langham on how to study, understand and share God’s Word—she doesn’t hesitate before saying that she was going about it “in the wrong way.”

“I would just read a passage and go teach without going into details,” she says. “I didn’t understand the context, or the background on the author. So I just would read the text and then imagine and then go and teach … I wasn’t taking time to prepare the message.”

With so many pastors and lay leaders lacking training on how to go about preparing Bible-based and relevant sermons, her story is not uncommon. Today, though, Regina describes a very different picture—one that is rooted in the study and sharing of God’s Word. That’s because as a member of one of Langham’s preaching clubs, led by her pastor, Regina is part of a community that comes together regularly to study, encourage and practice teaching from Scripture.

Members of Africa Brotherhood Church kneeling in prayer.

Members of Africa Brotherhood Church kneeling in prayer.

“I have learned many things from Langham,” she says. “When I am sharing, I feel that the Word is speaking to me.” And—it’s making a difference to her community.

“I was sharing from 2 Timothy, Chapter 4, where Paul is giving Timothy the charge to preach and be prepared in and out of season, and I could tell that people were attentive,” she recalls. “I saw that the message was received, and I believe something was happening to their souls.”


In describing her community before being touched by God’s Word, she says, “there was a lot of theft, even within our church. We’ve seen sometimes people break the doors and enter to steal things.”

As the Gospel has been taught in church and through going door to door to visit and share with neighbors, Regina reports that many people have accepted Christ. “I can see that the Word is doing something to people.”

Regina sharing the hope of Christ with her congregation

Regina sharing the hope of Christ with her congregation

That’s why Langham Partnership exists—to see God’s Word transforming hearts and maturing churches in the more than 70 countries where Langham Preaching works.

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