Ways to Pray: August 28th

29 August 2013 |

2013-08-26-kataniOur prayer focus this week is on the thousands of pastors and lay leaders that are gathering in regions around the world in the fall to receive training on how to preach the Bible more effectively. Travel is often difficult and subject to danger and delays. For example, one young pastor recently traveled to our DRC training by boat along the Congo river, a journey that takes anywhere from 5-14 days each way, depending on travel conditions and breakdowns. This brave individual has trained a small group of young preachers in his church who now preach regularly at weekday worship services. Please pray for the safety of our trainers, participants and that pastors and lay leaders would be equipped to preach the transforming truths of God’s Word.

Pictured to Right: Pastor Peter Mwaw, Katani, Kenya, who received training from Langham Preaching. As Shadrach, a church member stated, “Katini (Kenya) is a new place. The Word of God is penetrating the area.”