Langham Scholars

Langham scholarships future theological leaders—godly men and women who will go on to shape their nations for Christ as they start and teach in seminaries, develop new ministries, and multiply disciples.


Langham equips scholar-leaders.

Langham identifies men and women who are academically able and recommended by their churches as committed to godly and evangelical faith and life, and equips them for a lifetime of ministry through a Ph.D in biblical and theological studies. These scholars then return to their home countries to teach and train future pastors and Christian leaders in seminaries. Many of them also exercise significant influence through their writing and wide leadership in the global church.

Equipping biblical scholars has an exponential impact.

Imagine the multiplicative impact of training one scholar. Over the course of their life, one scholar will equip and influence hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders who will go on to lead churches, start new ministries and reproduce themselves in others.

Langham scholars worldwide.

More than 300 Langham Scholars are serving in the Majority World, teaching in seminaries, writing books, equipping pastors and leaders, influencing governments and serving the global church, impacting millions of lives in Christ.  In 2012, 14 Majority World Christian leaders graduated with Ph.Ds and 61 scholarships from 46 different countries in Asia, Africa, Eurasia, Latin America and the Middle East were awarded.

NOTE: For Langham Scholar candidates, learn how you can apply to receive a scholarship.

Langham Scholars in 2016

  • Supported 73 students from 35 countries in theological doctoral programs
  • Celebrated the graduation of 13 scholars – leaders who will go on to teach in seminaries, start salt and light ministries, serve at the highest levels of government
  • 300+ Langham Scholars continue serve worldwide, multiplying leaders who equip other leaders and shape nations

“Our vision should be unashamedly to help capture the seminaries of the world for the gospel. And in order to do this, we have to ensure (as far as we can) that the world’s seminaries are staffed by scholar-saints – that is, by men and women who combine in themselves academic excellence and personal godliness.”  John Stott