Our Name Change

At John Stott’s own request, John Stott Ministries returned to the name Langham Partnership in 2012. It’s a change that honors the starting point of our ministry: Stott’s home base at All Souls Church located on Langham Place in central London.

Why we changed our name to Langham Partnership.

This change is a natural and seamless transition rooted in the history of our ministry and our presence worldwide, and further unifies our global partnership.

We hope the following information answers your questions regarding this momentous transition as well as renews your vision for our future work worldwide.

Questions And Answers About Our Name Change.

  1. What would John Stott think about the name change?
  2. Why the name Langham?
  3. Who made the decision to change the name?
  4. How was the new logo chosen?
  5. How was the name change and new logo funded?
  6. What does the new logo hope to communicate?
  7. In using the phrase “a member of the Langham Partnership” through the years, what has been meant?
  8. Who will use the logo?
  9. How has the ministry been referred to in the places where our programs are implemented?
  10. John Stott referred to something called the “Langham Logic.” What is the “Langham Logic”?
  11. Will the vision and mission of John Stott Ministries change?
  12. As the name transition unfolds this December and beyond, what changes and what remains the same?

1. What Would John Stott Think About The Name Change?

John Stott requested this change prior to his death – and affirmed the news. To see a copy of this letter, click here. We also recall with a smile that many years ago John Stott happened to miss the United States board meeting in which the decision was made to use his name to title the ministry. While he understood the reasoning, he never fully approved. He even joked, with his dry British humor, about “the ministry that somehow resembles my name!”

We do want to affirm and respect our founder. Hence, you will notice the words “Founded by John Stott” reside in the upper left hand portion of our new logo. Most importantly, the ministry has always been committed to what John Stott championed:  JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED.

2. Why The Name Langham?

“Langham” itself reflects the geographic starting point of our ministry. All Souls Church in Central London is located on Langham Place. In fact, if you hail a taxi in London and ever wish to be transported to the church, you will assist the process by saying, “All Souls Church, Langham Place.” John Stott ministered much of his life at that church, but – of course – it is merely a launching place on a map since the influence of the Langham Partnership is literally felt around the world.

3. Who Made The Decision To Change The Name?

Keep in mind that the original decision for the Langham name was made in the late 1960s by John Stott – and the ministry is known by that around the world. With that context and by hearing John Stott’s own request, the Board of Directors for the U.S. portion of the ministry unanimously made the decision prior to the passing of John Stott. That board consists of 18 volunteers.

4. How Was The New Logo Chosen?

We invited a group of people who could speak into the global church context – and a very intentional process was designed to converse with spiritual leaders from Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and other places through surveys and select interviews. With that information, a design team formed and presented three logo options. Via email and on-line surveys, voices from the around the world spoke into the result.

5. How Was The Name Change And New Logo Funded?

A generous private foundation designated its stewardship toward a “brand transition project.” In this way, we have been able to keep your regular donations focused what needs to happen in the field in order to equip a new generation of Bible teachers the world over.

6. What Does The New Logo Hope To Communicate?

Our passion in this transition has been to connect ourselves more deeply with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. To that end, we were drawn to the new logo for some of the following reasons:

*The flowing lines of the globe move in multiple directions and transcend geo-political borders and even continental borders. Our hope is to reflect the unity and equality of members of the body of Christ no matter where they are located.

*The main color is “Maasai Red,” a well-known shade in East Africa. By using this color, we want to symbolize how we wish to identify with the growing church of the Majority World in every region of the globe. Even further, the crimson flow of color and the many places where lines cross remind us of how Jesus shed his own blood. The cross of Christ will always be at the center of our work.

*The globe obviously maps and emphasizes locations that are non-western, even with a subtle “bulls-eye” near the middle of Africa. In recent years, Christianity is growing the fastest in the global south and other Majority World nations. We hope that this logo will instruct our own minds and guide our own hearts to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in other nations.

*The word “Langham” is rendered in a classic, traditional font to represent our unchanging commitment to the authority of God’s Word and the essentials of our faith in Jesus Christ.

*“Partnership” appears in a more contemporary font. This represents the importance of listening to and understanding the context in which God’s Word is applied.

7. In Using The Phrase “A Member Of The Langham Partnership” Through The Years, What Has Been Meant?

You are right that as a friend of John Stott Ministries, you would have seen the phrase (“a member of the Langham Partnership”). In fact, prior to 1997, John Stott Ministries operated under the Langham name in the United States. This decision returns us to how the ministry began. From the beginning, we have operated as a collaborative ministry with partners around the world – coordinating our programs, seeking efficiencies, sharing ideas, and holding each other accountable to our common vision:

To see churches equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and teachers who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

The global work is governed and organized collaboratively – and seeks to shape itself in a way that regards our partners in the Majority World as equals with whom we are in regular dialog and close relationship. On a formal basis, the Langham Partnership is comprised of six independent members, incorporated locally in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK & Ireland, Hong Kong – and the United States. With our name change, John Stott Ministries will transition to be in alignment with our good partners, as each of us uses the Langham name. Further, each of the partners has embraced the new logo as well. It will become a means by which the ministry will be known globally.

 8. Who Will Use The Logo?

Not only will the “Langham Partnership” in the six countries named above use the logo, but so also will our ministries at the ground level around the world. Langham Indonesia and Langham Bolivia are examples of solid partners who will deploy the new logo. In fact, the logo was designed in such a way that it can be depicted effectively even in one color for contexts where some partners do not have ready access to color printing.

9. How Has The Ministry Been Referred To In The Places Where Our Programs Are Implemented?

In country after country, we have long been known as “Langham Partnership.” Because of that reality in many Majority World contexts, the name Langham is almost synonymous with Bible-focused maturity for the global church. As a faithful friend to this work, you are likely familiar with our global ministries that have also utilized the Langham name:

  • Langham Preaching: Equipping pastors to faithfully teach God’s Word.
  • Langham Scholars: Developing scholars to train pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Langham Literature: Stimulating biblical study and teaching of pastors.

10. John Stott Referred To Something Called The “Langham Logic.” What Is The “Langham Logic”?

John Stott articulated three biblical convictions he called the Langham Logic.

  1. God wants His church to grow up to maturity.
  2. The people of God grow through the Word of God.
  3. The Word of God comes (not exclusively) through biblical preaching.

11. Will The Vision And Mission Of John Stott Ministries Change?

Absolutely not! If anything, by uniting more closely to the roots and origins of the ministry and aligning ourselves more closely with our global partners, we are redoubling and recommitting ourselves to our core vision, mission and values:

VISION: To see churches equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and teachers who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

MISSION: To strengthen the ministry of the Word of God by:

  • Nurturing national movements for training in biblical preaching (Langham Preaching)
  • Multiplying the creation and distribution of evangelical literature (Langham Literature)
  • Strengthening the theological training of pastors and leaders by qualified evangelical scholars (Langham Scholars)