The World Needs More Radical Disciples


The church in the global south—in places like Bolivia, India, and Uganda—is exploding with growth, and new believers are hungry for growth. At the same time, they are also confronted with problems and pressures that are complex and urgent. How does God’s Word speak into a region that doesn’t value women, or a community steeped in superstition, or a caste-based society?

In addition, more than 80% of pastors—that’s 8 out of every 10—have little or no formal training or biblical resources to effectively guide and shepherd their churches to biblically address these issues. As a result, many believers are left vulnerable to false doctrines, harmful practices and without spiritual teaching.

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Your Help Makes a Difference

In the Middle East and North Africa, your gift provides the biblical resources God’s people need to grow in faith in the face of constant persecution.

In Latin America, your gift trains pastors to faithfully teach God’s Word in a region where preaching is largely improvised and not based in Scripture.

And around the world, your gift scholarships theological leaders able to equip other leaders, impacting their countries for Christ.

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Your Gift Honors the Radical Heart of Our Founder

johnstottphoto45 years ago, our founder, John Stott, responded to the cries he heard coming from majority world church leaders by renouncing a lifetime of book royalties and speaking honoraria to seed and grow the ministry of Langham. His radical step of faith launched a movement that today is equipping a new generation of biblical pastors and leaders equipped to bring the hope of Christ to more than 90 nations. That’s why we started the Radical Disciple Fund—a way to honor Stott’s own radical response to the needs of God’s church around the world.

Thank you for prayerfully considering a gift to the RADICAL DISCIPLE FUND, raising up biblical leaders equipped to minister with the radical hope of Christ around the world in places like the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia and Africa.


How Langham Equips Radical Disciples to Impact God’s Kingdom

For the past 45 years, Langham has been equipping Christlike leaders who multiply themselves many times over—maturing the church so the church can transform the world. Langham has a three-pronged approach, training pastors, developing and distributing indigenous biblical books and equipping theological leaders.

Training Pastors


Langham trains pastors at the grassroots level to preach God’s Word.

Providing Resources


Langham provides biblical books to seminaries and churches to enhance study.

Equipping Leaders


Langham equips theological leaders who train other leaders.

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